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Contracts are confusing and expensive

We made them simple and affordable.

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The App
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Reinventing startup legals

As a former founder and practicing lawyer, I found it absurd that entrepreneurs trying to build innovative solutions for everyday problems were being forced to spend their limited resources on lawyers who would copy, and paste templates and then charge thousands.  

Law4Startups is my solution to this problem. No longer will innovation be held back by expensive and confusing legal contracts. Now you can take control of your business and build the future you envision.


How it Works

You input data, we generate contract and automate their execution.

Complete Quests

You complete quests, which are simple questionnaires where you provide information about your company, its employees, suppliers, contractors, investors and more.

Generate Contracts

Once you complete a quest the information is used to automatically generate a contract for you and your employees, contractors, investors and more.

Sign and Store

Once the contract is generated, you can sign and store the contract on our servers allowing you to keep all your legal documents in one place, simplifying due dilegence.

Who is it for?

Startups/Small Businesses

Create an account for your company and give permission for your management team to generate, send and sign contracts

Angel Investors

Automate processes for offer sheets, finalizing investment documents and completing due diligence using our checklists. 


Generate and store contracts you sign with companies in one place and use our term review system to understand the terms in plain language.


What can you create?

Agreements for your Team

  • Employment Contracts

  • Freelancer Contracts

  • IP Assignments

  • Founders Agreements

Fundraising Agreements

  • Terms Sheets

  • SAFEs

  • Convertible Loans

  • Share Sales

  • Shareholders Agreements


  • Privacy Policies

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Employee Handbooks


And much more...

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Additional Free Service

In addition to our application, we also have a twice-weekly newsletter where you can receive updates on the latest cases, legislation and proposals in privacy, technology, blockchain, commercial and company law. 

This newsletter not only helps you stay on top of changing regulations in your industry but allows you to find opportunities to move into new markets which may emerge due to changes in local laws and regulations. 

About Us

Our Story

Community Led

Law4Startups was founded in August 2020 as a file of Google Docs and a weekly newsletter. Since then it has grown to a community of over 45,000 people all benefiting from cheap and simple legal documents. 

We remain committed to our mission of lowering the barriers to entrepreneurship by removing unnecessary legal costs. 

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